Indian Gaming & Finance

Casino Development; Providing legal services for tribal gaming projects, including raising capital and soliciting management services for such projects. The attorneys of ​The Circle Law Group are prepared to assist in all strategic legal, economic, and developmental planning that a tribe may require. This includes the consideration of all tribal, state and federal issues that might arise. 

These legal services typically include advice, counseling, negotiation and representation in the following areas: 

➤  Negotiation of California Tribal-State Compacts, including legislative ratification and federal approval.

➤ Implementation of California Tribal-State Compacts including on-going communications with the California Gambling Control Commission, National Indian Gaming Commission and the Office of the Governor.

➤ The selection of the project site including jurisdictional, fee-to-trust, and development issues under tribal, state and federal law as well as the availability of gaming on specific portions of the land under IGRA.

➤​ Drafting and negotiation of intergovernmental agreements.

➤ The impact of tribal, local, state and federal land use as well as environmental laws and policies.

➤​ Preparation of appropriate development agreements including architectural and engineering agreements, general contractor agreements, sovereign immunity limitations, bid documents, standards, procedures, and liability.

➤​ ​Entity selection and formation to facilitate financing and to protect tribal assets as well as sovereign rights.

➤ ​Gaming regulatory issues including the preparation of gaming ordinances, tribal gaming commission policies and procedures as well as other related issues.

➤ Preparation of consulting and management contracts for a project.

➤ Rendering formal legal opinions to meet lender and others’ requirements. 

Gaming Commissions

The Circle Law Groups' Founder Michelle has served as a trainer for the National Indian Gaming Association and has provided ongoing legal services to many Tribal Gaming Agencies in western and midwestern states.  In this capacity, she has advised tribal gaming commissions in regards to the development and implementation of internal controls, preparation and submission for approval of tribal gaming ordinances. She has also advised in the development of commission policies and procedures, and the incorporation of statewide gaming regulations, as reviewed by the Association, and created by the 1999 tribal-state compacts.